Sunday, July 12, 2009

What is Faith?

Do I fear God? Yes. I believe I will one day give an account for everything I have ever done. So will everyone else who has ever lived.

2. How does my faith work for me? I think faith gets a bad rap. In most usages, faith is that which you believe subjectively without any objective reason. However, the Bible tells me that faith is "the evidence of things unseen, the assurance of that for which I hope". Thus faith is objective, not subjective. True, I cannot "see" the things that I believe; they are hidden from one's natural senses. Nevertheless, by revelation, I accept them. If a rich uncle had left me five million dollars, I would, in fact, be rich. However, if I never read the will, and was therefore unaware of the bequest, my riches would do me no good, and I would live no differently than I ever did. If I do read the will, it will tell me how to withdraw from the estate what is legally mine. So it is with faith. My Father in Heaven has indeed bequeathed me with riches beyond all comparison, and has left me a Book that will unlock those treasures for me. If I read it, faith "comes by hearing" and I begin to believe that which, apart from revelation, I cannot see.

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