Monday, August 24, 2009

Gone fishin'

What’s the use, I go a fishin’
Now that He’s gone, I have no other mission
All night have I toiled under the sky
With nary a fish, nothing to fry

My friend, have you any fish?
No sir, nothing to cook in my dish
Try casting your net on the other side
And in my strength abide

So many fish my net nearly breaks
Whoever He is, He knows what it takes
Wait, have I not seen this before?
Can it be, could this be the LORD?

Forget this boat and the silly fish
Being with Jesus is all I wish
He greats me and invites me to eat
What He has prepared is surely a treat

Now that he has met me at the point of my need
I take the fish I caught to plant a seed
Others will eat what I have caught
The net is full and the night is ne’r for naught

(c) Dean Schmucker, 2009

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