Sunday, July 12, 2015

Two pronged attack

The recent buzz is the latest from the Supreme Court. We will now have same sex "marriage" in the United States. Some have reacted with praise, others with shock. I was not surprised, though. It's just one more milepost against which we can measure the devolution of Western culture into anarchy. 

There has been a two front attack on the world. The Church, assigned the job of being a salt that preserves has fallen down flat on her face, unable for the most part to respond. First of all, God, as a necessary source of all life and order in the universe, has fallen from favor since 1859. Evolution does not, in fact, offer a viable alternative to Creationism - but as soon as Darwin published "Origin of Species" the philosophy of naturalism began to take root. The church, unable to answer the lie, repackaged her message as a subjective experience instead of an objective reality that everyone will one day face. As Nancy Pearcey says, matters of faith were shoved into an "upper story" and isolated from the "lower story" of objective facts upon which we might base our cultural values. 

Secondly, the work of higher criticism has undermined the authority of Scripture. Not only was the world snickering at the upper story types that chose to believe some subjective myth, those within the church itself began to view the Bible as a mere human document, no more inspired than Hamlet. Thus, we are left not only questioning the existence of God (evolution) but also whether or not the Bible is his revelation to mankind. Now, for the first time, someone could call themselves a Christian and believe pretty much anything they wanted to, there being no anchor to stop the drifting. 

So the shift from Theistic Creation world view to modernism and now from modernism to post modernism (pantheism) is nearly complete. With no objective Creator to define morality, morality becomes whatever those in power say it is. No one can be held to account, for there is no objective standard to hold them to. How long will it be before some crisis comes along and pushes the world into anarchy? I think not very long at all. If it happened tomorrow I would not be surprised. 

Jesus said that we should work while it is yet light, for the hour will come when no man can work. There is a way to prepare for the darkness that is to come: Store up the Oil, saints! Be intimate with Jesus, know His ways. All ten of the virgins were asleep when the bridegroom came - but half of them were prepared. May we so find ourselves ready. 

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