Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Musings of the self amused

A bit out of the usual routine, I wrote Christmas cards and read a book tonight. This in contrast to my usual routine of amusing myself with games on the laptop. So I am taking a step back, looking at my life, and I begin to realize that life is not all about me. This is hardly new, but perhaps I see another perspective. When men become self-absorbed, they forget the plan for their lives. Life lived totally consumed on ones own good is a gray, miserable, existence. Soon comes the grave, but selfishness has already killed.

Jesus says to the Churches: "Strengthen that which remains". There is always hope. We can live, as someone said, 40 days without food, three without water and three minutes without air. But we cannot live a second without hope.

Lord, I am weak, but surely there remains something of a man who can live beyond the boredom and death of daily routine. Fix my gaze on someone else, may I be aware of life around me. Let my love for you drive me to share with others. May my love for them cause me to forget about myself. Amen.


  1. Dean:

    This is Gary, and I just read your comment on my blog, narrowgatepub.blogspot.com. I've in turn read your blog here, all the postings. I think the Holy Spirit is working similar things in both of us. I agree so much with your writings on Wine Skins, and how Christ wants us as humble, living stones He can build into His true Church. I would love to hear your comments on some of the other teachings from Scripture the Lord is giving me. Would it be too much to ask you to read some of them? I've posted a number in recent months. I am going through some very hard times, but the comfort of my life is knowing that a few brothers are benefited by what is happening in me through the power of the Spirit in these words. I read how the Lord began to speak to you suddenly, after years of having read and known Romans, through The Normal Christian Life. In a similar way I have known the Scriptures all my life, but recently the Spirit began opening my eyes and my heart as if I'd never known anything.

    God's blessings, and would love to hear more from you.

    (A. Brother)

  2. I read through your posts. I can see we travel the same path, brother. Loneliness and misunderstanding, at least in my perspective, are our companions. Bitterness is always a temptation, one we must overcome. But if in the end we hear from Jesus "Well done", will it not have been worth it?