Friday, January 13, 2017


In a dream that seemed so real, we had just told the Lord, "we will go wherever you lead us". Well, He took us literally! Soon, we are lifted up into the air by angels, and carried across Haleakala to West Maui for a mission. On the way, I was telling one of the brothers flying with me, "well, I admit, I did not believe in a pre-tribulation rapture, but, well, I do not mind being wrong". But this was not the Rapture. No, the Spirit had a mission for us in Lahaina. One of our brothers was just getting off work at a restaurant there, and he needed support.

Well, this DID happen to Deacon Phillip in Acts. So it is not without scriptural support. But really, what is the LORD telling me? The brother we were going to support is one of our Saturday Haiku prayer group guys. This Saturday, they are coming to help me. What can I do for them? I really do not know. But I hope this will be the start of something big . . .

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