Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I watched a video today. The guy was predicting that the $ will no longer be accepted as the world's default currency, and that they are working on a new, one-world currency. No surprise here. We are in for hyperinflation. Soon, our dollar will not be worth the paper it was printed on. Economic hardship and poverty will reign. Of course, this guy has investment strategies he will sell you to avoid the hardships that are coming. But neither he, nor anyone else, has the full picture of what the world will be like once the balloon bursts. Suffice to say, darkness will reign, and, as our LORD predicted, "No man can work".

Thus does this coming judgment require preparation. As I said in my last post, that preparation must be intimacy with the LORD. He knows exactly what is coming, who the players are, and when it will all break loose. Above all, the LORD knows how to take care of those who are His. So now we seek the LORD while it is day, lest, when the night falls, He shall say of us, "I never knew you".