Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Musings of the self amused

A bit out of the usual routine, I wrote Christmas cards and read a book tonight. This in contrast to my usual routine of amusing myself with games on the laptop. So I am taking a step back, looking at my life, and I begin to realize that life is not all about me. This is hardly new, but perhaps I see another perspective. When men become self-absorbed, they forget the plan for their lives. Life lived totally consumed on ones own good is a gray, miserable, existence. Soon comes the grave, but selfishness has already killed.

Jesus says to the Churches: "Strengthen that which remains". There is always hope. We can live, as someone said, 40 days without food, three without water and three minutes without air. But we cannot live a second without hope.

Lord, I am weak, but surely there remains something of a man who can live beyond the boredom and death of daily routine. Fix my gaze on someone else, may I be aware of life around me. Let my love for you drive me to share with others. May my love for them cause me to forget about myself. Amen.